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The All Harley Drag Racing Association's 2009 National Champions

Winston-Salem, NC, November 9, 2009 - The All Harley Drag Racing Association (AHDRA) wrapped up its 2009 Screamin' Eagle Championship Series in Rockingham, NC, on October 11, 2009 at the Screamin' Eagle Jim McClure Nationals…and declared the 2009 AHDRA Screamin' Eagle National Champions!

After a rained-out event at the season opener and scorching heat in the middle of the season, the 2009 Screamin' Eagle Championship Series ended flawlessly. Despite a few showers on Saturday evening, which delayed the Sunday schedule a bit, everyone from the AHDRA staff to the racers and the fans were ready for some action-packed racing. At day's end, 16 national champions were named.

Only three classes—AHDRA Pro Drag (Chuck Jones), AHDRA 124 Challenge (Mike Roberts), and AHDRA Hot Street (Bruce Croneberger III)—had locked the national championships going into the last event of the season. The chase was on and the competition was going to be fierce. Thirteen different classes of competition had a points spread that made it mathematically possible for a number of racers to snag the national championship title.

So, take a look at all of the 2009 AHDRA Screamin' Eagle National Champions. Congratulations to all of you for your hard work and dedication to the AHDRA!

Screamin' Eagle Top Fuel winner - Steve Dorn

Steve Dorn Takes AHDRA National Championship in Screamin' Eagle Top Fuel

Steve Dorn from Milwaukie, OR, riding for Team Latus Motors Harley-Davidson, captured the ultimate title of Screamin' Eagle National Top Fuel Champion.

Dorn remarked, "Well, it has been a long six years in Top Fuel; this is a very tough class if not the toughest. Any championship in most any class is tough. If you have 16 bikes qualify in Top Fuel even the number 16 guy has a chance of winning the race. It is very hard to win even one race in this class, let alone a championship. I think that everyone in Top Fuel will agree with this."

"After my crash in 2006 I feel that this is the final step in the comeback. These last two years have been very close in points for the top five or six teams. Last year we went into the finals in second place, then ended up in first because Conner did not qualify. We got beat in the first round, though, and ended up in third place. This year going into the season finals in second place, I felt it was going to be even more of a challenge. We did not qualify as well as we wanted to, but we were able to step it up on Sunday when it mattered the most. We did not need to win the race to get the championship-we had it by just going one more round than Turner, who went out in the semis-but winning made for a very complete season and a great way to end the year."

"Being from Oregon we have had to travel a lot of miles these last few years. It has been tough on everyone. I have to thank my crew: Mike Slonaker, Mike Stegmann, Digger, and Sonny. Everyone gives 100% and donates a lot of personal time and effort. It takes a good team to be able to compete in this sport and I feel we have one of the best. I need to thank George Latus and Team Latus Harley-Davidson for the continued support. Team Latus Motors has made this all possible."

When asked if he was going to retire from racing now that he has achieved a national championship, Dorn stated, "I am not retiring from Top Fuel, and with a little help we plan to be back next year to defend our title."

Rush Pro Fuel winner - Randal Andras

Randal Andras Takes AHDRA National Championship in Rush Pro Fuel

Randal Andras from Amelia, LA, and the Fas Coonass Racing Team snagged the Pro Fuel National Championship.

Andras and the Fas Coonass Racing team were consistent all season long, making it to four of six finals in the 2009 championship chase. Andras scored one win (Kansas City), three runner-ups (Atlanta, Norwalk, and Woodburn), and one #1 qualifier (Norwalk) throughout the season, showing that consistency and good teamwork can pay off.

Andras would like to thank his family and crew as well as his sponsors-K & K Marine, Foret Equipment, ABL Fabrication, Prime Coatings, and AB Steel-for all their support in helping him achieve the national championship title.

Verve Pro Stock winner - Shaun Reno

Shaun Reno Takes AHDRA National Championship in Verve Pro Stock

Shaun Reno from Hayes, VA, riding for HeadBlade Racing, took a second straight Pro Stock Championship title. He started racing in the Pro Stock class in 2007 after running the Pro Mod class for five years, and still holds the 1/8-mile MPH record of 136.57 that he set back in April 2008 at Gateway International Raceway. It had been close racing all year long but Reno was able to defend his championship title in Rockingham by 24 points.

He had a great season with three wins (Norwalk, Kansas City, and Bristol), one runner-up (Atlanta), and three #1 qualifiers (Norwalk, Kansas City, and Bristol). Shaun would like to thank both his crew for all their help and his sponsors for all their support: HeadBlade Ultimate Head Care, Hampton Roads Harley-Davidson, Southside Harley-Davidson, S & S Cycle, MSD, and CP Pistons.

AHDRA Pro Drag winner - Chuck Jones

Chuck Jones Takes AHDRA National Championship in AHDRA Pro Drag

Chuck Jones from St. Petersburg, FL, riding for Mid-Continent Racing, clinched the national championship title with four wins and four #1 qualifiers this season.

Jones commented, "I went to Mike Bahnmaier's Mid-Continent Motorsports team in 2008 in search of a Pro Dragster championship. I had my own race team since 1994, so being with a team that wasn't my own was new for me. We won a few races on a new bike and then late in the year when Rick Moore had clinched the championship, I jumped at the chance to ride the bike he had been riding all year. Since that time we've won every race except the one where I red lit!

"A special thanks to Mike and my longtime sweetheart Margo White, who convinced me to keep racing after my partners and funds providers, Pete and Robin Laconelli, to whom I am also grateful, became ill. I have finally realized my dream of being the national champion. A lot of people have tried to get me to move out of the Pro Dragster class, but I promised myself I wouldn't until I finished what I started. It's not as easy as it seems to work together with a big team. Mike, who calls the shots, is very busy, but not one of us who race for him could do it without him.

"I want to thank Mike, Jody, Drew, Dave, Randy, Freddie, Tommy, Travis, Johnny, Rick, and most of all Margo for all their help and support! I would also like to thank Gates Belts, Energy One Clutches, Mike's Metal Polishing of Ransom, Kansas, Saum Engineering, and Robbins Performance."

Rush Pro Gas winner - Rick Moore

Rick Moore Takes AHDRA National Championship in Rush Pro Gas

Rick Moore from Reading, PA, riding for Banky Racing, achieved his first Pro Gas national championship title. Moore currently still holds records in the Pro Drag category for 1/8-mile MPH at 158.87 and Pro Drag's ¼ mile E.T. record at 7.139. Here are his statistics, three classes, and four years later: four championships, four Eastern Division championships, two Eastern Division runner-ups, two national records, 27 #1 qualifiers, 22 wins, and 13 runner-ups.

Moore commented, "Wow! I even impressed myself. But seriously, none of this could have been accomplished without the support of Mid-Continent Motorsports, Banky Racing, the crew, my girlfriend, and my family. And it hasn't been easy. Believe me- I've suffered my share of mistakes, mechanical failures, and controversy, too."

When asked, "What does the 2009 Pro Gas championship mean to you?" Moore replied, "Oh, this one is very special. Bob Banky and his team have been competing in AHDRA events for more than 20 years (which itself deserves a "most-dedicated team" award). I'm proud to be a part of this team, and part of their championship season."

He remarked, "I am hoping to return to AHDRA next year. Whether it is in Pro Mod, Pro Gas, Pro Dragster, Pro Fuel, or Top Fuel is yet to be determined."

Moore congratulates Bob and Ed Banky, and the entire Banky Race Team, for an excellent season. "These boys work as hard as any team out there," he said. "I owe a lot of thanks to this dedicated crew (Tommy Finn, Jimmy Landolina, and Vernon Manowski). I'd also like to mention Mike Bahnmaier and the Mid-Continent Motorsports Team. Year after year, Mike has given me the opportunity to ride his bikes-and for that I'm thankful. And, I need to recognize Chris Mell Motorcycle Restoration for its loyal support of my local career."

(Please go to for additional career highlights)

K&K Marine Pro Modified winner - Robert "Doc" Goodwin

Robert "Doc" Goodwin Takes AHDRA National Championship in K & K Marine Pro Modified

Doc Goodwin from Tupelo, MS, riding for Goodwin Chiropractic, achieved his dream after nine years of trying. Not only did he get his first win ever with the AHDRA this year, but also in Rockingham he earned the title of Pro Modified National Champion.

Goodwin remarked, "I don't know where to begin…but I'm having the time of my life. What a wonderful year! First thing: having Steve Allstaedt as crew chief made all the difference in the world. It is still the same old rider; however, I did a better job this year. Learning how to win is hard. The only race we had a hard time at was Kansas City, but other than that I feel blessed.

"I was going to stop racing after this season," Goodwin said. "But after winning the #1 plate we are going to give it one more year. I also would like to thank Stephen Foster at Foster Harley-Davidson for all his help. No real sponsors though, except Goodwin Chiropractic."

Right Quick Street Pro & AHDRA 124 Challenge winner - Mike Roberts

Mike Roberts Takes Two AHDRA National Championships in Right Quick Street Pro & AHDRA 124 Challenge

Mike Roberts from Clinton, OH, took two AHDRA national championship titles home this season! He also set new AHDRA records in the 124 Challenge class.

Even though the AHDRA 124 Challenge class had a small field of competitors, Roberts seized the opportunity to challenge himself and his bike to set all-new records. This season at Summit Motorsports Park, his home track in Norwalk, OH, he had outstanding performances by setting three new records in the 124 Challenge class: 1/8- mile E.T at -5.677; 1/8-mile MPH at -121.58, and ¼-mile MPH at -147.17. He also achieved #1 qualifiers and wins in both classes in Norwalk!

Because the AHDRA made the decision to discontinue the 124 Challenge class starting in 2010, and that it will be blended into the Street Pro class, Roberts had already made the adjustments needed to be competitive in the class. He certainly proved this by capturing the national championship title.

He ended the season with three wins, three runner-ups, three #1 qualifiers in Street Pro, and six wins and six #1 qualifiers in the 124 Challenge. He has been the national champion for three consecutive years in the 124 Challenge class and also was the 2005 AHDRA Hot Street National Champion.

Roberts would like to thank Regina Chain, Barnett Clutches, All Balls, and Brush Bandit Tree Service, with a special thanks to Joe's Hawg Shop for all their support throughout the year.

Bison/Vreeland's Harley-Davidson Super Gas winner - Jeff Stevens

Stevens Takes AHDRA National Championship in Bison Racing/Vreeland's Harley-Davidson Super Gas

Harley-Davidson of Bloomington/Do-Rock Racing rider Jeff Stevens finished the AHDRA season in Rockingham, NC, as the 2009 Super Gas National Champion and the national runner-up in V-Rod Destroyer.

"This season we enjoyed three SG wins, and we were the number one qualifier twice. Like most championships, we got some breaks when we needed them," said Stevens. Crew chief Richard Hankins had their V-Rods running strong all season. "We never experienced a serious mechanical problem during any event, and that's a testament to Rich's abilities as a technician and tuner," he said.

In addition to Stevens' championship win and his national runner-up achievement, highlights for the 2009 Do-Rock team included three Super Gas victories, two V-Rod Destroyer wins, two #1 qualifiers, and earning a double by winning both the Super Gas and V-Rod Destroyer classes at the Portland, OR, race.

"I would like to thank all of our friends at Lucas Oil Products for their support during the 2009 season," said Stevens. "I would also like to thank Rich Vreeland of Vreeland's Harley-Davidson; Dick Fish of Bison Racing for sponsoring the Super Gas class; and contingency sponsors G2 Motorsports, Red Line Oil, Vanson Leathers, PMFR, and Mickey Thompson Tires. In addition, a big thanks to the Harley-Davidson Motor Company for sponsoring the V-Rod Destroyer class and their ongoing support of the AHDRA series."

Do-Rock Racing is sponsored by Harley-Davidson/Buell of Bloomington, French Lick Harley-Davidson, and Lucas Oil Products.

Screamin' Eagle V-Rod winner - Lou Gerencer

Lou Gerencer Takes AHDRA National Championship in Screamin' Eagle V-Rod

Lou Gerencer from Elkhart, IN, earned his second consecutive national championship title in the V-Rod class after a tight season of racing against Jim Sweet from Osceola, IN.

Gerencer commented, "In Rockingham, I needed to meet my buddy Jim Sweet before the final round and beat him to get enough points to win the championship. I did not qualify very well on Saturday and Sunday; I was paired up with Jim in the very first round. I trailed him all year in points until Sunday afternoon, when I won against him and made it all the way to the finals again. It sure felt good to win two V-Rod national championships!

"I could not have done this without the help from my crew, Dad, Willis, Tim, Crack, and Jeff, and the support of my family. I would also like to thank my sponsors: Dad, Hoosier Harley-Davidson, Simeri's Tavern, Comp Cams,, Fitzgerald Motorsports, G&R Transport, and Team Nila," said Gerencer.

Super Sport winner - Donnie Huffman

Donnie Huffman Takes AHDRA National Championship in AHDRA Super Sport

Donnie Huffman from Lakeland, FL, riding for Huffman Racing, captured his seventh AHDRA national championship!

Huffman stated, "Well, it started off back in 2008 with this bike. I was riding it in the SE class all year because my normal SE three-time championship bike was set up for road racing. In September at Virginia Motorsports Park, I decided to run the SS class. I found myself qualifying third with a 10.31. I went on and was runner-up on Sunday in the finals. In Rockingham in 2008, I was sixth in qualifying with a 10.32 and went out in the second run on Sunday. I said to myself, 'Let him [Sam Lowery] go,' because he was in there for points for a championship, and I wasn't. After that, I said, 'H'm, I think I can run for a championship in SS class next year, in '09.'

"At the beginning of the short race season in 2009 at St. Louis, I qualified number one with 10.302," continued Huffman. "What a good start to the season! Then here came the rain. This bike was on the number all year. The 2008 SS national champion, Dean Druschel from Swanton, OH, is always a tough competitor and was nipping at my heels. Dean was coming on hard at the end of the season and was trailing me by just six points coming in to Rockingham. I held the top spot in qualifying with a 10.32, lost the top spot in the third round to Danny Bolt with a 10.31, and Dean was in the 15th spot. So, I gained some points on him during qualifying.

"On Sunday, eliminations came down to this: the champ and I were on the same side of the ladder and we would meet in the semifinals. Well, Dean went out in the first round and I had a no-show to advance to the next round. That is not the way I wanted this to happen for the 2008 champ-but that locked up my championship. I was then in the final round with Joey Thomson, always tough, and could focus on winning the race. It's always nice to win the championship and win the final race at the same time."

"Next season, maybe ET and SG. That would be great to win championships in those classes. If this happens, I would have won a championship in every sportsman class with AHDRA. Then maybe retire-laughing out loud!" said Huffman.

He thanks his sponsors: Harley-Davidson of Lakeland, FL; his parents, Don and Janice Huffman; and Vanson Leathers, with a big thanks also to Bob Drapp, Kevin Winters, and Andy Simon.

AHDRA Hot Street winner - Bruce Croneberger III

Bruce Croneberger Takes AHDRA National Championship in AHDRA Hot Street

Bruce Croneberger III from Cressona, PA, riding for Schaeffers Harley-Davidson, dominated Hot Street for the second consecutive season, giving him three AHDRA Hot Street National Championships (2006, 2008, and 2009)!

"My season went really well without any major problems on or off the track, all season long. Hopefully, I will be racing in Hot Street again next year, as well as Street Pro," remarked Croneberger

"First, I would like to thank the guys who race with me in Hot Street-they are a great group and it is a lot of fun racing with them. Second, I want to thank my dad for all of his help at the track and back at the shop, and also my wife for keeping things in line at home while I'm away playing. Lastly, thanks to my sponsors: Schaeffers HD, SA Racing, CP Pistons, Axtell, Carillo Rods, and Regina Chain.

"I would also like to congratulate all of the 2009 champions, especially my brother for his two number one plates this year," he added.

Rush Super Eliminator & Screamin' Eagle SEP winner - Brad Croneberger

Brad Croneberger Takes Two AHDRA National Championships in Rush Super Eliminator & Screamin' Eagle SEP

Brad Croneberger from Valley View, PA, brought home two AHDRA national championship titles! At four out of the six points events, he was sure to be in either the SEP finals or the SE finals.

"Coming into the season, I didn't really know what to expect since we were going to try some new things on the bike," Croneberger noted. "I ran in SE and knew that bike, but the bike I was going to use in SEP we had never raced before, so we had no idea what it would actually run. Lucky for me, it ran 11.50 very consistently! Another big change this year was that I was finally able to grab my first win early in the year, and that gave me a ton of confidence for the rest of the season. Usually, I would struggle early in the year but end strong, and this year I got off to a great start and it lasted all season long. It has truly been a dream season for me. I grew up around motorcycles and to be able to say I won a national championship is huge, let alone two in one year."

"I would like to thank my fellow competitors for giving me some good advice. It has helped me improve a lot as a racer. I also must thank my dad and my brother. Without them, none of this would have been possible. Everyone at the Buell race department has been a great asset in getting these Buells to run good, too, and I thank them and wish them the best. I would also like to thank my sponsors: Schaeffer's H-D, Regina Chains, Vanson Leathers, and Boyesen Engineering.

"I look forward to seeing everyone again next season…I'm not planning on retiring anytime soon!" Croneberger declared.

Screamin' Eagle V-Rod Destroyer winner - Nick Gonatas Jr.

Nick Gonatas Jr. Takes AHDRA National Championship in Screamin' Eagle V-Rod Destroyer

Nick Gonatas Jr. from Portland, OR, riding for Warren Harley-Davidson, captured his first AHDRA national championship title.

"We had a great season of racing this year and accomplished a lot, from setting all of the records in the class and being the #1 qualifier at all but one race, to making it to all but one final round this season. Hopefully next year we will see more competitors back in the Destroyer class," commented Gonatas.

"Our whole team would like to thank all of our friends and fellow racers at the track for a very exciting and memorable year. We hope to see you all next year.

"I would like to thank all of the people that helped Warren Harley-Davidson Racing accomplish everything we did this season," he continued. "Of course, without our sponsors-Warren Harley-Davidson, Ralph C. Buss, and Gem-Young Insurance-this would not have been possible.

"Also, I would like to thank the people who did not get much credit for all of their help. This includes Tony Frandanisa for all of his help, from loading the trailer to helping me keep the bikes ready on race day (that was if I could keep him away from Jim Sweet long enough). Paula Metzenroth, for keeping us stuffed like pigs the entire weekend and keeping most of my competition drunk. My dad, Nick, and my son, Cody, for helping us out with a little bit of everything else that needed doing. Rick George, the technician at the dealership, who kept the bikes pretty much bulletproof all season. Jeff, assistant service manager, who made sure Rick had enough time to devote to the race bikes. Doris Metzenroth, owner, who allowed us all time away from the dealership to bring the #1 plate to the dealership. And last, but definitely not least, my wife, Rachel, and kids, Casey and Justin, who put up with me leaving them at home while I traveled all over the country racing!"

Syn3 ET winner - Bob Drapp

Bob Drapp Takes AHDRA National Championship in SYN 3 E.T. for the Third Straight Year

Bob Drapp from Winter Haven, FL, racing for MMI (Motorcycle Mechanics Institute) Race Team showed his great wisdom and pulled off a three-peat in SYN 3 E.T.

He explained, "The season started off quite well for me with a runner-up finish against my teammate Jimmy McMillan at Commerce, GA. Throughout the season, the wins eluded me, but I made quite a few rounds at most of the races, picking up points, and staying in the hunt. Coming into the last race for the season, even though I was leading the point's chase, Dean Druschel had closed the gap to 39 points with a win at Bristol and a runner-up finish at Woodburn. I was beginning to think that the road to the championship went through Woodburn, and was wishing I could have gone. My wife Mary Ann told me I had better bring my A game to the Rock if I was going to have a chance to win the E.T. championship.

"At this point there were at least nine people who were mathematically alive in the points chase, and any of them could have won the championship if they won the race, and I went out early," Drapp continued. "Sunday morning it was announced that we would have to run three rounds in the morning to bring the field down to 16 bikes, so that meant there were more than 64 entries in the class, and we would have to run seven rounds. In the first round I saw six of those competitors go out, and two more went out in the second round, leaving only my teammate Jimmy Mac standing between me and the title… but he went out in the next round. At that time, it was announced that I had clinched the national championship title. On my way back through the pits after the third round, Donnie Huffman, Kevin Winters, and Dan DeGood stopped me to offer congratulations on winning the championship for a third year in a row, and Dan added that no one had ever done that before.

"For all their help and support throughout the race season, I want to thank my wife Mary Ann, Donnie Huffman, Don and Janice Huffman, Kevin and Betty Winters, Jimmy and Stacey McMillan, Ken and Beverly Howe, Kim Krummel, Dianne Ely, Terry Emig, Jason Hannah, and all of the people I work with at the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute.

"Companies I wish to thank: Motorcyle Mechanics Institute, Harley-Davidson/Buell of Lakeland, Andrews Products, S&S, PMFR, D&G, Comp Cams, Vanson Leathers, Red Line Oil, Pingel, Edelbrock, Mickey Thompson, Barnett Tool & Eng., Axtell, and Autometer.

"I will certainly be back next year, and badder than ever. Retire? That's for old people!"