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Winston-Salem, NC, July 6, 2009 - The All Harley Drag Racing Association (AHDRA) completed its fourth race of the Screamin' Eagle Championship Series at Kansas City International Raceway (KCIR) on June 21 in Kansas City, MO.

The AHDRA's Screamin Eagle Mid-West Nationals Presented by Blue Springs Harley-Davidson had its first national points event at KCIR during a weekend full of challenges - but nothing that AHDRA and the racers couldn't overcome!

Racers traveled from both coasts, meeting in the "Heartland" to compete for national championship titles. "There's nothing better than a weekend at the track," stated Danny Worth, a local favorite, riding for Blue Springs Harley-Davidson.

What better time than Father's Day weekend to be at the track with your dad racing?

More than 150 AHDRA racers descended on Kansas City International Raceway for the first running of the AHDRA/Screamin' Eagle Performance Parts Midwest Nationals presented by Blue Springs Harley-Davidson. KCIR's Todd Bridges and his crew went above and beyond to deliver a well prepared track and grounds. They like Harley racing and it shows!

Challenges? It was hot! Oh, it was hot, AND it was decided to run the quickest, quirkiest bikes on the 1/8th mile clocks; KCIR has Armco in the shutdown. All this led to challenges for the prep guys to keep the track sticky, and for the racers to read and adjust to said track. Just look at the results here and I think you will agree that both the racers and track crew did their jobs.

"I hope Todd and David are as encouraged as I am about the potential of the Midwest Nationals at KCIR. Blue Springs Harley-Davidson was a great partner for this event and, the KCIR staff worked hard to make us feel welcome. I am looking forward to doing it again. Stay tuned as we finalize the 2010 schedule," stated AHDRA's Craig Tharpe

Check out all of AHDRA's #1 qualifiers and winners from the Mid-West Nationals Presented by Blue Springs Harley-Davidson!

Screamin' Eagle Top Fuel winner - Steve Dorn

In Screamin' Eagle Top Fuel, Joe Sternotti from West Collingswood Heights, NJ, took the Ray Price nitro Harley to the number one qualifying spot for the third consecutive race.

Jay Turner and the Turner Racing team from Julian, NC, made it to the finals against Steve Dorn and Team Latus Motors from Milwaukie, OR. Turner ran a .108/4.453/166.82 against Dorn's winning .046/4.506/166.85.

"I think any win in Top Fuel in the AHDRA comes with many obstacles. It seems that everyone at the race has a chance to win. No one dominates this class and everyone that races knows that any win has special meaning," Dorn observed.

"We had very hot temperatures and tough track conditions, and had Tommy Grimes first round and then Joey Sternotti second round. Both are very tough competitors and very hard to beat. Then to have Turner in the finals is as tough as it gets. There were no easy rounds that day, that's for sure! I have to really thank my crew: Mike Slonaker, Mike Stegmann, and Digger. All the right decisions were made. Everyone worked very hard for this. I also need to express many thanks to my sponsor, Team Latus Motors. Even with the bad economy George Latus has stuck with us and made this win possible," commented Dorn.

Rush Pro Fuel winner Randal Andras

In Rush Pro Fuel, national champion Douglas Horne from Aberdeen, MD, took the number one qualifying spot on Sunday with a 4.324/173.31.

In a field of eight tough competitors, Horne made it to the finals and paired up with Randal Andras and the Fas Coonass Racing team from Amelia, LA. Andras cut a great light of .032 against Horne's .078, and at about the sixty-foot mark, Horne had bike problems and ran a13.303/29.68, giving the win to Andras, who ran a 4.542/166.14.

Andras would like to thank K & K Marine, Foret Equipment, ABL Fabrication, Prime Coatings, and AB Steel.

Verve Pro Stock winner Shaun Reno

AHDRA would like to welcome our new Pro Stock Class Sponsor - Verve! The Vemma business has created a one-of-a-kind functional beverage and high-powered shot…they call it the world's healthiest energy, but you can just call it Verve!

In Verve Pro Stock, Shaun Reno and the HeadBlade Racing Team from Hayes, VA, snagged the number one qualifying spot with a 5.177/132.06. This would be the second consecutive race in which Reno nabbed both the number one qualifying spot and the win.

Reno faced the man second in points and a tough competitor, Mark Venia from Toledo, OH, along with the Dyno-Power Racing team. Reno ran a .039/5.186/132.21 for the win against Venia, who "saw the Devil's eye" (red light) and posted a -.065/5.208/132.04. Reno thanked both his team and his sponsors - HeadBlade Ultimate Head Care, Hampton Harley-Davidson, Southside Harley-Davidson, S&S Cycle, MSD, and CP Pistons - for all their support.

AHDRA Pro Drag winner Scott Truett

In AHDRA Pro Drag, Chuck Jones from St. Petersburg, FL, racing for Mike Bahnmaier and the Mid Continent Racing team, got the number one qualifying spot with a 4.678/149.85.

Gary Bailey from Kingman, KS, raced against some tough competitors, made it to the finals, and then faced off against Scott Truett and the Truett Racing team from Wichita, KS. Truett ran a .093/4.836/141.19 for the win against Bailey, who ended up having bike problems and ran a .188/9.207/50.74.

Scott thanked his sponsors: Truett & Osborn Cycles, Nungesser Engineering, and Chromatic Racing.

Rush Pro Gas winner Rick Moore

The Rush Pro Gas Class might be small but it's been mighty competitive. Just ask the Banky Racing Team. Robert Banky, team owner/tuner, has been racing AHDRA for more than 20 years, "and it's still exciting." He started out as pilot in the XL Modified Class in 1989 and 1990. From there, he jumped into Pro Gas and Pro Stock as owner/tuner. Banky recalls his most memorable moments in 1992 or 1993 when he and his Pro Stock Harley took the championship and set a national mph record, and he was named mechanic of the year.

These days you can find Banky's Pro Gas Harley drag bike at the top of its class. Since enlisting rider Rick Moore, the team has placed second in the Eastern Division points in 2007 and 2008 - and they're on the road to a 2009 championship season. They qualified first place and won at the Kansas City International Raceway against Greg Frost from Omaha, NE, which puts them 122 points ahead of competitor Jay Wagner. Moore ran .109/5.120/131 for the win against Frost's .063/5.503/121.45. Moore thanked Robert Banky and Tommy Finn for their persistence during the heat and conditions at Kansas City, and he noted, "The win certainly made the 18-hour trip worthwhile." Moore also thanked Chris Mell Motorcycle Restoration for its loyal support of his racing career.

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K&K Marine Pro Modified winner Greg Krenik

In K & K Marine Pro Modified, the Desert Dawgs couldn't wait any longer to race! On Saturday, Karen Raffa got the new routine down for her husband, Greg Krenik from Corrales, NM. They ran a 5.487 on their second pass (which translates to approximately 8.63 second in the quarter-mile), which put them in as #1 qualifier for the weekend.

The towing of Greg to the starting line and picking him up at the top end of the track after his run had both Karen and Greg laughing. Greg almost passed Karen while being towed to the staging lanes the first time. "She kind of slowed down quickly for some people and all of a sudden I was next to her. It kind of made things interesting," said Greg. After his first qualifying pass, Karen took her sweet time getting herself to the top end; upon arriving, she found that Greg had walked his bike most of the way to the scales. They weighed and then they hooked Greg up. Karen must have stalled the bike at least three times before she could get the two of them rolling toward the pit!

As Karen recalled, "I was kind of nervous, making sure I didn't forget anything, so I put the starter cart away at the starting line, then put my screw driver, that HUGE air gauge, video camera, and umbrella in the pouch on the tow bike, and then headed to get Greg. On the way I had a whole bunch of people I had to wave to…and when I got to the scales, Greg was weighing in. The return road was so narrow for my turns, so it took a few three-point turns to get around and then hook Greg up. And I guess I just wasn't letting the clutch out slowly enough, plus when I finally felt the weight coming from Greg's bike, there was a huge pulling from behind, enough to throw an inexperienced rider right off the bike. I didn't want that to happen, so yes, I stalled it a few times. But I did get better every time!"

On Sunday morning, the forecast was 95 degrees with high humidity. In the first round of Pro Modified, Greg just about ended the season. He didn't have the bike square when he shifted to second, and the tire broke loose badly, sending him sideways into a violent fishtail and tank slap. After a few rights and lefts and keeping in the throttle he was able to put the win light on and run a .102 / 5.910 / 117 against his opponent, Joey Thomson, who bogged at the start and ran a .085 / 6.279 /109. I'm glad I had both feet on the pegs or I would've been off the bike," said Greg. "It was pretty wild to watch the video, just to see how much it moved back and forth in slow motion. It was nuts!" The second round of eliminations was better, Krenik would turn on the win light running a .033 / 5.594 / 122 against Donnie Huffman's run of .049 / 5.839 /117. The finals had Krenik more focused - and with the changes made to the wheelie bars, more confident that the bike would go straight. Greg and Shane Pendergrast of Double Trouble Racing had almost identical reaction times, but Krenik pulled ahead and won, running a .061 / 5.560 / 122 for the win against Pendergrast who ran a .069 / 5.645 / 120.

Greg took home the Pro Mod win, at the "unplanned first event of 2009." He was elated to see so many friends and put right smack in the middle of them all! He will not go on the tour with the rest of them to Bristol, TN, but hopefully many of the Pro Mod class racers will make the trip out west and go the extra miles to Woodburn. It's a fantastic track and all will have the chance to race Randy Borho and of course, see his son Alex.

AHDRA Street Pro winner Lou Gerencer

In Right Quick Street Pro, Mike Roberts and the Bandit Racing team from Clinton, OH, grabbed the number one qualifying spot with a 5.783/121.01.

Roberts made it to the finals to race against Lou Gerencer from Elkhart, IN. This was the second time these two racers were in the finals, but it was Gerencer who went home with the win. Just about any racer will tell you that a majority of races are won at the tree; that was the case this weekend in Street Pro. Gerencer got a holeshot with a .085/5.974/117 for the win against Roberts' .112/5.960/115.

Lou thanked his sponsors: Simeris Tavern, Coach Guard, Hoosier Harley-Davidson, Comp Cams, and his mom and dad.

Bison/Vreeland's Harley-Davidson Super Gas winner Jeff Stevens

In Bison Racing/Vreeland's Harley-Davidson Super Gas, Do-Rock Racing rider Jeff Stevens qualified in the number one position and followed it up by again riding to victory. It was the second consecutive Super Gas win this season for Stevens and the Do-Rock Racing team.

"This weekend went pretty much the same way as our Norwalk event except we were the number one Super Gas and number two V-Rod Destroyer qualifier this time," commented Stevens. "Our numbers were very consistent all weekend and the equipment performed well in some brutally hot and humid conditions."

He added, "Competing in the 95+ degree heat was certainly a challenge, but we just tried to stay focused and not beat ourselves by making a mistake. In the finals, it was fun racing against one of our SG class sponsors and competitors, Rich Vreeland, who just missed a perfect run in the final round. In V-Rod Destroyer we qualified second and made it to the semifinals again, before having our worst run of the weekend and losing to Jim Sweet in a good race. Another final-round appearance in VRD would have been real nice, but overall, it was a fine weekend for us."

After four events on the 2009 AHDRA schedule, Stevens leads the points battle in the Super Gas class with 344 points, followed by Wanda Poff with 300, Bob Drapp with 262, Rich Vreeland with 255, and Dale Niles with 189. In the V-Rod Destroyer class Stevens is in second place with 285 points.

He expressed his thanks to Harley-Davidson/Buell of Bloomington, Lucas Oil, and French Lick Harley-Davidson.

Screamin' Eagle V-Rod winner Lou Gerencer

In Screamin' Eagle V-Rod, Jim Sweet from Osceola, IN, took the number one qualifying spot with a 9.393/144.69.

There's nothing more exciting than to be in the finals, especially if you are a sportsman racer and race in multiple classes. That was the case for both racers going into the Screamin' Eagle V-Rod class. Sweet was also in the V-Rod Destroyer finals and Gerencer was also in the Street Pro finals, which he won. Both competitors got to the line and staged their bikes, but both left before the tree was activated. AHDRA rules state that first is worst. The starter and head of the Tech Department, Tim James, confirmed that Sweet left first. So the win went to Gerencer.

Lou thanked his sponsors: Simeris Tavern, Coach Guard, Hoosier Harley-Davidson, Comp Cams, and his mom and dad.

AHDRA Super Sport winner Chris Hoppe

In AHDRA Super Sport, rookie Chris Hoppe of Pennington, NJ, took the number one qualifying spot with a perfect run of 10.300/127.10.

Hoppe is the new kid on the block that everyone is keeping an eye on. Kansas City would be Hoppe's second-ever drag racing appearance, and with great advice from many competitors (and of course from his Uncle Brad), he made it to the finals. He posted holeshot wins against Bass and Colburn and then finally got a bye into the finals against Jared Baker from Underwood, IA. Baker ran a .072/10.276/129.70 breaking out, with the win going to Hoppe and his .023/10.374/128.97.

Chris thanked Andy Simon and Simons Competition for the great motor they built for him, his sister Jennifer and his Uncle Brad for all their support, and Hoppe Lawn Service.

AHDRA 124 Challenge winner Mike Roberts

In AHDRA 124 Challenge, Mike Roberts from Clinton, OH, was the number one qualifier with a 9.918/138.35.

As the only competitor in AHDRA 124 Challenge this weekend, Mike broke the beam in the finals for the win. Since he was also competing in the finals in Rick Quick Street Pro class, he wanted to make sure he didn't hurt the bike.

He expressed thanks to his sponsors Joe's Hawg Shop, Regina Chain, Brush Bandit Tree Service, and Barnett Clutches.

Rush Super Eliminator winner Brad Emery

In Rush Super Eliminator, Joey Thomson from Hopewell, NJ, claimed the number one qualifying spot with a near-perfect run of 10.906/102.66.

Dale Nilles and the Punisher Racing team from Arvada, CO, struggled all weekend trying to get the bike dialed into the 10.90's. Nilles got lucky after his first couple of rounds against some tough racers, and advanced to the semis with a bye and then the finals against Brad Emery from Kansas City, MO.

Emery had no easy day of it, though, as he was facing the national champion, Kevin Winters, first thing in the morning. After winning that race, Emery got a bye in the quarterfinals and then took another win in the semis against Roberta Seaman. In the finals, Emery and the BKS Racing team scored the win, even with a redlight, with a -.042/11.590/89.91 against Nilles, who deep staged and ran an 11.147/120.27.

Brad thanked his sponsors Shane Beard Contracting, Hemi Designs, and Metzler Tire.

AHDRA Hot Street winner Bruce Croneberger III

In AHDRA Hot Street, Bruce Croneberger III from Cressona, PA, achieved the number one qualifying spot with a 9.754/135.72.

Bruce and the Schaeffers Harley-Davidson Racing team were the only competitor in this class for the weekend, and ran a .214/10.014/136.34. Bruce certainly hopes that more racers will make it to the remaining races! He expressed thanks to his sponsors: Schaeffers Harley-Davidson, SA Racing, CP Pistons, Carillo Rods, Regina Chain, and Axtell Sales.

Screamin' Eagle Performance SEP winner Brad Croneberger

In Screamin' Eagle SEP, Kevin Gauntt from Egg Harbor City, NJ, was the number one qualifier with an 11.514/115.25.

There are not a lot of things that are better than a good drag race - and that's exactly what everyone got to see in the Screamin' Eagle SEP finals. Kevin Winters from Richmond, IL, and Brad Croneberger from Valley View, PA, squared off against each other in the finals after a long day of heat and some tough competitors. Winters made a great pass of .070/11.572/115.63, but that just wasn't good enough against Croneberger's winning .092/11.547/116.58. "Kevin beat me in my very first finals and it was extra sweet to meet him again in the finals for such a close race and for me to take the win," Croneberger said.

Brad thanked his dad for the fast job he did repairing the transmission on Brad's bike. He also thanked his brother, Bruce, for allowing him to race Bruce's bike this year in the class, and his sponsors, Schaeffers Harley-Davidson and Regina Chain.

Screamin' Eagle V-Rod Destroyer winner Nick Gonatas Jr

In Screamin' Eagle V-Rod Destroyer, Nick Gonatas Jr. and the Warren Harley-Davidson Racing team snagged the number one qualifying spot for the fourth time with a 9.472/143.06.

Jim Sweet from Osceola, IN, faced Nick in the finals after both racers went through a strong, tough field of competitors. Sweet ended up deep staging, thereby giving the win to Gonatas, who ran a .092/11.443/79.66. This was the second consecutive win for Gonatas and the Warren Harley-Davidson Racing team, and he thanked his sponsors Warren Harley-Davidson, Ralph C. Buss "The Motorcycle Attorney," and Gem-Young Insurance.

Syn3 ET winner Matt Reverts

In Screamin' Eagle SYN 3 ET, Brad Croneberger and the Schaeffers Harley-Davidson Racing team from Valley View, PA, scored the number one qualifying spot with a perfect reaction time of .000.

Ray Connor from Independence, MO, and Matt Reverts from Luverne, MN, made it through many rounds of competition to meet each other in the finals. Connor dialed in with a 10.90 and Reverts with a 9.74. It was Reverts who claimed the win with a .097/9.699/136.32 against Connor, who broke out and ran a .008/10.803/110.51.

In the Outlaw Fuel category, Pro Drag racer Mike Nolen and the Clyde Barn Racing team from Ellisville, MS, were the winners with a two-run combined average of 7.719.

Next up for the AHDRA's Screamin' Eagle Performance Parts Championship Series is the Screamin' Eagle Performance Parts Race at the Rally (a non-points event), August 4-5 in Sturgis, SD.

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